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Leather TLR Camera Straps

Classic vintage style Brown leather shoulder strap for TLR cameras Rolleicord, Rolleiflex, Yashica Mat, Minoltaflex and more will also fit other makes of camera with the split lug fitting. This strap is basically the same size strap that would have come with cameras during the 1950's - 60s with just a slight modification on how the strap closes. Instead of the old double mushroom head studs I use fixing posts.



Full grain natural vegetable tanned leather is the upper most side of the hide a natural material which may show some cosmetic imperfections a characteristic that makes every item made from this type leather very unique.

Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather is very strong and durable and its appearance will improve with use and age if looked after.


This is a lightweight thin strap measuring just 1.5mm thick again very much the same has the old straps use to be.

Though thin this is a very strong strap made from the shoulder part of the hide. Note the last picture, this is one of my straps holding my camera bag which weights just over 6.5KG
So you can see these straps are more than capable of holding any type of camera big or small

Completely made by hand, dyed and cutting the strap from Full Grain Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather
The flesh side of the strap has been sealed

Total length 42 inches just over a Metre (If you require a longer strap please contact me before ordering)
14mm wide (Please check your cameras strap lugs before purchasing)
@ 1.5mm thick

There is a series of top end Rollei's that will only take the alligator style clip there is no way you will be able to fit this strap please ask if your not sure what fitting you have.

Obviously Camera not included


If you would prefer a black strap please contact me before ordering


Price: £35

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