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Classic Brown Leather Camera Strap

My classic designed camera straps are basically the same size strap that would have come with cameras during the 1960's - 70s the only difference is my straps are made from real leather rather than plastic that was manufactured during that period. Suitable for all makes and models that have the lug strap fitting which will take quite a lot of weight for such a small strap.

Completely made by hand including cutting the strap from Full Grain Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather closed with antique brass rivets Please Note the rivets will be slightly darker than the ones shown which are more inline with the style and colour of the strap. The strap edges are burnished to make it softer around your neck and the inside of the strap has been sealed


Total length 42 inches 11mm wide @ 2.5mm - 3mm thick

Optional Shoulder Pad 8 x 1 inches 2.5mm - 3mm thick

2 x Lug protectors will also be included



There are 2 options when buying my classic leather camera straps.

Option: 1 standard thin 42 inch strap only. Costs £25.00

Option: 2 comes with an 8 inch long built in shoulder pad this helps to spread the weight of heavier rangefinder, SLR cameras across your shoulder or just makes longer days a little more comfortable. Costs £27.50


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How to purchase this item

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